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Barcelona’s latest option in transfer market

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21 Jul 2021
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Barcelona has already shown interest in selling Antoine Griezmann, and it seems like they have a chance to trade with Jevuntes for Paulo Dybala, but still it’s unclear what can happen this summer.

Possible trade between Barca & Juve

We already had information regarding the Griezmann and Coutinho situation on the transfer side of things. Griezmann and Coutinho were up for a price of 100 million euro, the price of this pair was made up with taking in consideration the mediocre gameplay of theirs. Barcelona expected  much more from these two and because they didn’t meet the expectations they were up for sale, but now we have some rumours about a trade. It surely came out of nowhere but at least it will positively affect both teams. The trade was about Griezmann being swapped with Dybala. The officials don’t say anything at this point, but they surely have a discussion about this. The swap indefinitely will give Griezmann a second chance to shine like a star and on another hand it will give Dybala a possible great growth with Barcelona. It will be great to see player’s new chapters in their careers.

Barcelona’s approach to Antoine Griezmann


Well we all know that Griezmann is up for a sale with Coutinho, but what has Barcelona officially said about this player? Why is he up for a sale? And actually they did say that they are not selling the french player for his gameplay it’s more on the financial part of things and yeah many doubt their words. Barcelona already said that they were not satisfied by Griezmann’s plays so it looks like they just don’t want to talk about it a lot and nobody can blame them for it. It’s great that Barcelona sees problems and it’s good that they want to solve them quietly without making any noise in the media.

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