Football NewsBarnett – Real Madrid fans were idiotic towards Gareth Bale
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Gareth Bale’s agent made another big statement about his client. Bale left Real Madrid in summer 2020 and joined Tottenham for a one-year loan.



Idiotic towards Gareth Bale

Barnett believes that Los Blancos were idiotic chanting bad names about Bale. He said that Los Blancos fans will regret all the bad things they did about Bale. Barnett knows that Gareth Bale will be back in phenomenal shape in upcoming seasons and he will prove again to the world. What’s going on with Gareth? He is sitting on the bench of Tottenham. Jose Mourinho even criticized him for not posting the truth on social media. For instance, Gareth Bale posted a training image on Facebook. He wrote that he is ready for big matches and his fitness conditions are in good shape. Jose Mourinho was really surprised by the message of Gareth Bale. Portuguese coach said that Gareth is not training hard enough and he won’t get more playing-time.


Gareth Bale did everything for Real Madrid?

Bale’s agent admitted that Gareth misses life in Madrid. He noted that living and playing for Real Madrid was a dream of Gareth. Agent noted that Gareth is ready to return in summer. Everything depends on Zinedine Zidane’s idea and direction Los Blancos has to take. Barnett added that Real Madrid won many trophies in the last few seasons and Gareth made it possible. Bale scored in the Champions League final in Kiev. Gareth also won a match against Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey final single-handedly. Barnett said that Gareth’s main job is to demonstrate skills on the pitch and not to be friendly with the fans. Barnett knows that Gareth can show the same desire and passion on the pitch under Jose Mourinho. Bale just needs more time to play for Tottenham and he will lead to many trophies.