Football NewsBayern losing Manuel Neuer? Where can the German goalkeeper go?
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Today, March 27, Manuel Neuer turned 34 years old. German sports media writes that Manuel has a big chance of leaving Bayern in the summer.

The point is that Neuer has a contract with the Bavarian Grand until 2021. Accordingly, the contract should be extended now – otherwise, the Bavarians will have to sell Neuer in the summer, or lose the star goalkeeper for free in 2021.

According to Bild, talks on a new contract between the parties have come to a standstill – the 34-year-old Neuer is demanding a long-term contract and a salary increase. But Bayern do not like Manu’s offer.

Where can Neuer continue his career?

England : Liverpool have Alison (27) as a top goalkeeper. The same goes for Manchester City, where Ederson (26) keeps the net. Manchester United have David De Gea (29).

According to Bild, the real option is Chelsea, where head coach Frank Lampard is not happy with Kepa. However, Chelsea bought the latter in 2018 from Bilbao for 80 million euros. Lampard eventually let the veteran Caballero play. ‘Bild’ writes that he is interested in acquiring Neuer to Chelsea.

Spain : There are only two clubs in La Liga in which we can imagine Manuel Neuer – Real and Barça. Marca expert Ramiro Aldunate: “Neuer in Barcelona is hard to imagine. This will only be possible if Barça chefs fail to agree on a new contract with Ter Stegen. In Barcelona, ​​Ter Stegen is considered a stronger goalkeeper than Neuer.

Real looks satisfied with Courtois. But we should never exclude the Madrid Grand. Real Madrid love to bring big stars.

France : For Neuer in France, only the Paris Saint-Germain option can be considered. L’Equipe expert: “A few months ago PSG may have really thought about Neuer because they had a goalkeeper problem, but Keylor Navas is playing well now, and the Parisians are thinking about strengthening other positions.”

Italy : 36-year-old Handanovic is Inter captain. Juve extended the contract for the 29-year-old Szczesny until 2024. Turinians also have Gianluigi Buffon, who is not going to end his career. Gaetano Mosciano (Tuttomercato): “Another Juventus goalkeeper above 30 years is hard to imagine.”

According to Bild, if Bayern lose Manuel Neuer, the most real is that Manu will move to Chelsea. Most of the top clubs aren’t looking for a new goalkeeper, but when the Neuer-grade keeper is available, any transfer might be worth considering.