Football NewsBayern Munich gets a bad lesson from Hoffenheim
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Bayern Munich played the Super Cup against Sevilla on Thursday night. In just 72 hours, Bayern’s players were competing against Hoffenheim. Experts believe that it was not fair for Bundesliga officials to give green for this match. 72 hours is not enough to get enough rest, prepare and play.


1st half of the match

Bayern Munich was on top of the world. After winning four trophies in just short-period of time, Bayern went down yesterday. Flick started the match with a different line-up as players needed the rest. Robert Lewandowski started from the bench because it was hard for him to recover after Thursday’s game. Zirkzee was playing in the position of main striker. Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane were main attacking players on the wings.

In the first 15 minutes, Hoffenheim could not score a goal but soon they converted the shot. Bicakcic scored his first goal of the season and gave the lead to his team. After 10 minutes, Kramaric went for another goal. The striker loves scoring against Bayern, so he scored two goals. His first goal was scored in the first half and Hoffenheim took the 2 goals lead in the first 45 minutes. It was clear that Hoffenheim had two goals to lead but Kimmich went for a different strategy. He soon scored the goal and decreased the lead of the host team. 2-1 in favor of Hoffenheim in the first half.

2n half of the match

Flick started the second half differently. He substituted a few players and gave chances to Lewandowski and Koeman. Both players are very important when it comes to fast attacking lines. Bayern Could not score the equalizer while Hoffenheim scored the third goal and ended the dreams of Bayern.

The 77th minute was very important for Kramaric as he got the second shot on target. It was his second shot and second goal. Kramaric gave a two-goals lead again to Hoffenheim. Just a few minutes before the final whistle, Hoffenheim scored the fourth goal and ended all hopes of Bayern’s fans.

Hoffenheim is the leader of the Bundesliga. They had a perfect run and Hoeness (cochac) hoped for more wins after the match. Flick said that it was a terrible day for the Bayern players and they have to forget that day very soon.