Football NewsBayern Munich want Chelsea’s Andreas Christensen to get a free transfer
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The German centre-back will leave the Bundesliga champions in the summer transfer window and they are looking at Andreas Christensen to replace him.


A little about Niklas Sule

Bayern Munich are eyeing a move for the Chelsea player after Sule turned down an offer to extend his contract. Niklas Sule will leave the German giants this summer when his contract expires, despite an offer from Bayern to raise his salary to €10m. Niklas is flirting with a move to the PL and La Liga and could enter into talks with other clubs this month before making a free transfer at the end of the season.

Chelsea and Newcastle are reported to be voicing the German defender, but there is information that he is not interested in joining the former. Meanwhile, Barcelona are also said to be interested in signing the 26-year-old as they look to bolster their defence. The Bavarian president said on Sunday that talks with Niklas Sule were still ongoing, saying they had made an offer to Niklas. Now Sule has to accept it or not. Of course, it must be within a certain period of time, because then they must position themselves accordingly.

According to Herbert Hainer he does not know the exact date now, but it will certainly be so far away in the foreseeable future that he will confess or just say what his desires are. And then they will talk to him. But Niklas appears set to become the fourth player to leave the club on a free transfer within the past year, following the lead of Martinez, Boateng and Alaba.


What did Tuchel say about Andreas Christensen?

Andreas Christensen is one of the contenders that Bayern will turn to in search of a replacement. Like Niklas, Andreas can make a free transfer in the summer when his contract expires. Chelsea tried to tie him to an extension and a new four-year deal looked imminent last year, but talks have been fraught with problems. Tuchel urged him to show his commitment to the club by signing on the dotted line, telling reporters in December they were waiting for a long time for confirmation now.

According to Tuchel it’s on Christensen to act like he’s acting on the pitch, he has to act now from the field and walk the conversation because Andreas Christensen tells them he loves Chelsea, Christensen tells them he wants to stay and be a big part because that he’s a big part of a big club and Thomas thinks he’s perfect and Thomas thinks he’s not finished here yet.