Football News‘Bayern win is unfortunate’ – Schweinsteiger wanted a tense championship
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Bastian Schweinsteiger believes that the fate of the German championship has already been decided. The former midfielder praised Hans Flick. According to Schwein, Bayern have a good chance of performing a triple.


Former Bayern Munich boss Bastian Schweinsteiger believes that Bayern’s victory over Dortmund revealed the champion of German. “The fate of the Bundesliga has been decided. I think they can send the silver line to Munich – Bayern will not lose the first place, “Schweinsteiger said in an interview with ARD.


‘It would be nice to see a tense championship fight at the end of the season.’


After 28 rounds, Bayern have a 7-point advantage in the tournament table, with six rounds left before the end of the season. The Munich Grand is in such good shape that it is unlikely to miss such an advantage. This means that Bayern will become the German champions for the eighth time in a row (!).

Schweinsteiger believes this is not necessarily a good thing. “It’s unfortunate news for the Bundesliga. It would be good if we saw a tense championship fight at the end of the season, “Schwein added.

In general, Schweinsteiger believes that such a form of Bayern and, in fact, winning the championship match is primarily the merit of the team’s head coach, Hans Flick. Along with Flick, Bayern has won 18 of 15 games – just like Pep Guardiola did in the Bundesliga.

“Hans Flick, of course, has a long way to go before he can be a great coach. But I already see some of the highlights of Jupp Heynckes,” Schweinsteiger said in a statement.

Schweinsteiger thinks Bayern have an excellent chance to score a hat-trick – that is, to win the German Cup and the Champions League with the Bundesliga. As you may know, the Munich Grandee has done this only once before and, by the way, in the recent past – in 2013.

“It clear now that Bayern have almost claimed one title. The team is in the semifinals of the German Cup if they beat Eintracht, they will advance to the final, and then they will be one step away from the cup.

The Champions League, of course, is a completely different level of the tournament, which is very difficult to win. But the team is in shape, and I think they have a good chance to win the main club tournament in Europe. ” – Schweinsteiger believes.