Football NewsBelgium dominated Russia in Saint Peterbug and got first spot in Group B
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The Russians played a very bad game against Belgium. Experts believe that Russia is the worst team so far in the tournament.



Without KDB and Eden Hazard

Belgium won the game without KDB and Eden Hazard. At first, experts believed that Russia could conquer Belgium and even win the game. After the first few minutes of the match, it was visible that Russians could not even have a good counter-attack. Martinez’s team dominated the midfield. Martinez started the game without Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard. Thogran, Eden’s brother, was in the starting line-up. Lukaku was the main striker of the team. He was in the central position and was getting passes from midfielders. Carrasco was playing on the left side and Mertens from the right side. Lukaku had really good teammates on the wings. It was not a surprise that Belgium opened the score-line in the first 20 minutes. Lukaku scored a goal and dedicated it to Ericksen. Danish player got a heart attack in the game against Finland. In just a few minutes, Munier increased the lead of the national team. In the second half, Belgium scored the third goal and registered the final result. Lukaku was the creator of the third goal and Belgium dominated the Group B too. As of now, Belgium is the main favorite in the group.


Ericksen’s case

Inter Milan’s player had a heart attack at the end of the first half. Denmark was playing against Finland and it was obvious that none of the teams could win the game. There were no good moments in the first half. Unfortunately to Ericksen and his fans, the player lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital right away. Denmark’s football federation confirmed that the player is feeling good now. Denmark conceded a goal in the second half. Finnish players could keep the score-line until the end of the match. Belgium and Finland have three points in after the first round.