Football NewsBenedito believes that Messi could be ready for departure
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Barcelona’s presidential candidate is worrying about Messi’s future. He has worried the fans also as the candidate noted that Mess is ready to leave the club in summer.


Benedito is pessimistic

Candidate of the president’s position, Benedito noted that no one has to be optimistic. Yes, the game against Athletic Bilbao was very different and Messi was smiling but he has given lots of interviews where he mentioned that leaving the club could be a good option. Benedito said that Man.City and PSG are hungry for the super-star like Lionel Messi. The person who becomes a president of the club needs to save Messi because he is the top-tier player but in the end, Messi’s opinion is what matters most.

Lionel Messi and Neymar’s duo

As you may know, Neymar gave a very honest interview a few weeks ago. He promised that playing with Messi is possible and especially in the next season. Journalists were amazed by that statement and now it’s time for Messi to speak. Keep in mind that Messi will be a free agent on 1st June of 2021. In just six months, Messi can leave the club without any issues. It’s the most worrying part for Barca’s new management as they won’t get any money. Barca is in serious financial problems, so it will be tough for the team to let the $200 million player leave without any transfer fees.