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The situation 

The captaincy of Real Madrid does not work because of cronyism or locker room agreements . It does not depend on fads or whims of the coach on duty. If the ball doesn’t get dirty, said Maradona, that armband with the Real Madrid shield doesn’t wear just any old way. That is why the honor of being its temporary owner has to be earned with years of service to the cause in the most demanding club in the world. Benzema showed in Helsinki that he is a worthy student of Raúl, Casillas and Ramos, the captains he has served. Marcelo inherited it in his twilight, when Karim’s strength was already unstoppable and he worked in pectore. In this European Super Cup, and when things like this happen, you can’t think of coincidences, with his goal against Eintracht the Frenchman surpassed the historical record of goals of the eternal 7 madridista (323). He equals Gento in titles, 23 . He is one of Marcelo, the most successful of all the long white history. Benzema moves in pages reserved for the chosen ones. In a week in which the protocol in the institutional acts has given something to talk about, Benzema led the celebration with a sense of State . He wanted with the sense of maximum leader of the troop to integrate his compatriot Tchouameni , whom he specifically sought out on the podium so that he would have the honor of being the second to lift the Super Cup. And as soon as the photos were finished in front of the arch of champions, he snatched the trophy from Camavinga and left with the 12-kilo artifact (four more than Orejona , by the way) to offer it to the 1,800 Madridistas in Helsinki. 

The details

His next Ballon d’Or (the list of the 30 finalists comes out on Friday) does not seem threatened by a Michael Owen on duty because in addition to the collective and individual awards (yesterday he received the best player of the last Champions League ), in 2022 he is the maximum top scorer in the major leagues, with 25 goals, one more than Mbappé . He covers so much that the club takes looking for a substitute almost like a nuisance. “He is not going to get constipated and if he gets constipated he will be a little …” Florentino Pérez joked on Movistar Plus . Madrid feel immune to everything, because they have Karim.