English Premier LeagueBielsa: Questions about my Team’s Style are “Destabilizing”
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According to Leeds United coach, Bielsa, some questions from the media are trying to “destabilize” his players by asking if he should change his player’s style.


Some onlookers questioned Bielsa’s attacking tactics although some praised the style after a 6-2 defeat at Manchester United on Sunday.  For this reason, the coach insists he doesn’t value style over substance saying any such perception is wrong.

In his words, Bielsa thought “It’s just another way to try to ridicule me”.

Before Sunday’s game against Burnley, Bielsa arrived at his news conference with a dossier and spend more than 40 minutes analyzing his team’s loss at Old Trafford while answering questions about their style.

“I don’t worry too much about what the press thinks. What does worry me is what is written that influences the public. They decrease the capacity to understand for the public”.

“Also, they try to destabilize by suggesting to the players the style needs to be changed. Of course, this happens when the results allow. It doesn’t matter if in the previous game, the opinion was completely different”.

Since taking over Leeds United, the 65-year-old Bielsa has transformed the club and lead them back into the Premier League after 16-years of absence.

The Whites have proved an entertaining addition to the English top-flight this season, having stuck to their high-tempo attacking principles and being involved in several high-scoring matches.

Four days after beating Newcastle 5-2 at Elland Road, Bielsa’s side lost heavily against their old rivals at Old Trafford.

Leeds are 14th in the Premier League, having taken 17 points from their opening 14 games.

“The best way to win is to play well. So, nobody can say I put style over results,” said Bielsa.

“Normally, when there is adversity, what the press do is try to weaken the one who is facing adversity or to ridicule the style of play of a team.”