Football NewsBig changes in Barça and Quique Setien’s problems
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During the three months that Quique Setien has been coaching Barca, big changes have taken place, both in Barcelona and in football in general.


After the arrival of Setien, there are changes in the leadership of “Barca,” the team was left by six directors. The team is facing a difficult period, and the former coach of “Betis” will have to adapt quickly to all this.




Bartomeu released all those whom he did not like. He blamed them for all the problems in the club, and now he is going to fight the crisis alone. Given the upcoming election, the position of Setien is not solid.


The rift between the players and the leadership


It all started with Eric Abidal criticizing the players. Suddenly he received a public response, which significantly worsened the situation. This was followed by Coronavirus, as well as a public controversy over wage cuts.

Setien hopes that all this will not affect the training process and expressed the opinion that the conflict must be resolved within the team.


“La Masia”


When Setien was appointed to the post, the 61-year-old specialist promised to help promote the players from La Masia, but that did not happen.

In an interview with TV3, he said the following: “What do people want? Promoting players from the academy or titles?”




Setien was not lucky in that either. Shortly after his arrival, the team lost two leading strikers, Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele. Had it not been for the hasty decision, Carles Perez would still be in Barcelona. But the coach quickly agreed, and Perez went to Roma.


Different opinions of Messi and Setien


Messi believes that changes are needed in the team; otherwise, “Barca” will not be able to fight for the Champions League.

Setien disagrees. “I think we are able to fight for the title. I don’t agree with Leo.”


Playing style


Fans did not like Valverde. The most significant change in the style of “Barcelona” was in his hands. He won championships, but fans no longer wanted to watch homeless football. The number of attendees at Camp Nou has dropped significantly.

Quique Setien came as a Cruyff style follower. Of course, everyone realizes that change will not happen quickly, and everything will take time, but we cannot say that progress has been made. So far, things are bad.