Spanish La Liga NewsBirmingham’s fans don’t want Bellingham to play for any other Premier League club
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Bellingham started everything at Birmingham. The fans of the team do not want him to join any PL club after playing for this club. Keep in mind that Bellingham is very close to signing for Los Blancos in Spain.


The hope from the Birmingham’s fans

On Cattell Road, southeast of Birmingham, a mural with the figure of Jude Bellingham serves as a great tribute to the fans who saw him born and grew up before going to Dortmund , the fans of Birmingham City. Along with him, the other great legend of the club, Trevor Francis, undoubtedly the two characters in the history of a team with 148 years of life and currently plunged into a major crisis in the second division of English football, the Championship.


Bellingham is an idol among the ‘blues’. His name continues to ring among the fans, who remember him with affection and true adoration. It is a product of yours. An idol. “We don’t want him to play for any more English clubs, just ours… when he decides to come home ,” says John, a veteran supporter strolling through the club shop. Between City or Madrid, there is no doubt. Better outside of England than in another English team in which Birmingham can take center stage. “He can adapt to any league and any team. He is proving it in Germany. He is a huge player , ”says another fan, Rob, while he takes a photo of his already iconic mural.