Football NewsBrazil wins Olympic 2020 golden medals against Spain
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Brazil scored the second goal in the extra time against Spain. Spanish players could not compete well and lost the match.


Playing for Golden medal

As you may know, during the last Olympic tournament, Neymar was with the Brazil’s national team. He won the Olympics and was very happy. As of now, Richarlison and his teammates wanted to play for the golden medal too. Dani Alves was the only player from the old squad. Brazil’s Olympic officials decided to call different players. The first team squad played Copa America 2021 and they could not keep up with the pace. it  would be impossible to play Copa America and the Olympics in just one month. So, that’s why Brazil called up a different squad for the Olympics. No one could believe that the current squad could be better than Spain. It seems that Spanish players could not compete fully against Brazil in the final.


Missed penalty and goal in the extra time

In the first half, Brazil was dominant. The team was possessing the ball and they did everything to win the first half. In the middle of the first half, VAR asked the referee to check the situation in the penalty area. It seems that Spanish goalkeeper could not play on the ball and was fouled by Brazil’s attacker. The Referee pointed to the penalty spot and Richarlison was very happy. The striker of Everton took the ball and waited for the referee to whistle. Unfortunately to Brazil fans, he could not score a goal from the penalty spot. The Brazil team never gave up the main goal – winning the first half. They scored a goal in the last minute of the first half. Spain equalized the match in the second half. Unfortunately to Spanish national team, Brazilian Malcolm scored a goal in the extra time and brought a golden medal to the team.