CricketBrendon McCullum Shares His Philosophy Of Managing The English Side: “I hate seeing talent waste”
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Under Brendon McCullum, England test team has become one of the most aggressive team to play test cricket. Contrary to assumptions, they have faired successfully so far, winning 9 out of last 10 test matches. The revolution was very much on cards since team struggled under the captaincy of Joe Root and the conservative approach they took while playing against big sides.

So, the revolution must have a mantra and the Brendon McCullum is surely the guru behind it all. Ex Aussie skipper had a brief time to ask McCullum about his coaching philosophy and he didn’t waste much time and asked it straight.

While doing commentry for 7Cricket, Ricky Ponting said to Brendon McCullum: Mate, I haven’t spoken to you much since you have taken the job. It’s hurt me too much to see what you’ve done with that English team, but do let me know what what is your actual philosophy? What’s your coaching philosophy been with this particular group of players?

Brendon McCullum replied with his humour: “Well, I thought you lost my number. You only contact me when you wanna get on a golf course somewhere in New Zealand or wanna talk with one of my slow horses (both laughs).

Then McCullum comes to the actual point: “My my philosophy’s well, it’s pretty simple man. I hate seeing talent waste. I hate seeing talent stymied by pressures and by negativity. So you just try and do the best job you can to give the skipper who is an absolute beauty as much support as what you possibly can and and hopefully allow talent to flourish. And the other thing is just wanted guys to have a good time there. So as we all know there’s so much involved in playing top level sport and there’s a lot of failure involved as well.

“You shouldn’t wait till the end of your career to be able to look back and say gee that was good fun but you should be trying to enjoy it right way through. So that’s that’s a pretty simple.”

“The boys have responded brilliantly so far. And as I say, the skipper is absolute genius. I’m stoked to have the opportunity to work with someone who’s as like minded as as Stokesy. And you know what he’s done with the team so far has been simply brilliant.”

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England has now defeated South Africa, New Zealand and India in their backyard. They have been absolutely dominating with the number game. A few questions were raised if they can go on with same strategy in sub continent condition. Proving everyone wrong, England toured Pakistan and whitewashed the home side with a pretty decent job.