Football NewsBukayo Saka says he has bloodied ankles after Arsenal win over Aston Villa
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Bukayo Saka will not deviate from his approach to matches despite the risk to himself after helping Arteta’s side to another victory.


What did Bukayo Saka say?

The Arsenal player says he was left with bloody ankles after the Gunners’ PL victory over Aston Villa on Saturday, but the England star has no intention of compromising his performance. The English away at Villa Park cluttered the stage finish as Arteta’s side further cemented their place in the top four to give them an edge in the Champions League spot race. Bukayo Saka was at the end of several high-profile calls throughout the game and was seen talking to match officials at the full-time whistle, but speaking after that, the player stated that he would not cut back on his style and approach to matches.

On a full-time basis at Villa Park, Bukayo Saka said that his ankle is a bit bloody, but he will be walking again in the next game. according to Saka this is part of his game, so he will do it again next time. They defended very well. Credit to the goalkeeper and defense for being so solid again. The way they defended and saw the game, they did it quite a few times this season. It really makes a difference. The England international was seen talking to officials throughout the day and added that he did not complain but wanted to let him know it was his game. Bukayo Saka is about to raid the players; Sometimes he needs a little more protection when the opposition tries to kick him.


A little about the topic

The day Bukayo scored the Gunners’ 2,000th goal in the PL, Arsenal once again dug in to get a performance where they could break loose and let the opposition return to this time last season. Their improved ability and ability to stay strong under pressure is something Bukayo Saka admits they’ve been working on, while stating that the club can’t get ahead of themselves in their quest for a place in Europe just yet. Bukayo Saka added that they are doing better. they are working on it and improving it, they can see it. The Champions League is the goal, but they must remain modest.