Football NewsBukayo Saka “should be who Gareth Southgate turns to,” according to Martin Keown.
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Bukayo Saka is currently the most crucial wide receiver for England, according to Martin Keown.

Thursday’s Europa League match between Arsenal and PSV ended in a 1-0 victory for Arsenal. Saka put in another strong effort before limping off late to a standing ovation at the Emirates.

Saka should, according to Keown, “be the one that (Gareth) Southgate turns to” at the World Cup, which begins exactly one month from now. Keown said.

We’re approaching the World Cup, and in that situation, I really feel like Southgate has to turn to him, said Keown.

Whoever it is, they aren’t playing any better than he is, I don’t care. He is quite significant at this time.

Fara Williams, another game expert, reiterated Keown’s opinions and called the 21-year-old “unpredictable.”

She remarked, “I think you can see here the changes in his play and how he switches things up from all of the video in the game.

Being a wide player might make you predictable. But he is quite erratic. He may carry it through open spaces and emerge inside.

Saka, Gabriel Jesus, and Granit Xhaka were among the players named to start the game by Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

When questioned about it after the game, the Spaniard downplayed the seriousness of a potential Saka injury by saying, “I hope he will be OK.”

He is hardy, Keown continued. He’ll keep returning since there’s a big game at the weekend.

“Give him the rub downs, the massage, the proper nutrition, and prepare him beautifully for the weekend, because there’s a big game coming up there,” the coach instructed.

On Sunday, Arsenal plays Southampton at St. Mary’s.