Spanish La Liga NewsCamavinga and Vinicius Junior – perfect duo of Los Blancos to save a season
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Ancelotti is surprised by the good joint performance of Camavinga and Vinicius and struggles to convince the Frenchman, who does not quite see himself as a winger: “He doesn’t like it, but we do.”


The problem is solved on the left side

Where there seemed to be a problem, Real Madrid have found a solution that is paying off immediately along their entire left flank: the combination of Camavinga as a winger and Vinicius as a winger is working like a charm, as has been been able to see in the last matches of the white team. The most recent case, the last: the victory at home against Valencia (2-0), in which Ancelotti himself revealed his surprise (and satisfaction) at the result he is obtaining from what emerged as an emergency solution for form the starting eleven in the face of the plague of injuries that the whites have been suffering in defense.


Mendy suffered serious injury again

Because until now, that left wing suffered from a certain duplicity in functions: Mendy, a specialist in the defensive facet, but much more discreet when it came to damaging the rival, ended up stepping on Vinicius when it came to occupying spaces in the last third of the field. The Brazilian, with his enormous physical display, ends up appearing in all parts of the attack front, but his favorite meters are those that surround the lime line on the left wing, where spaces appear more easily and where he has more margin to exploit his speed and dribbling skills.