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The situation 

Eduardo Camavinga is making his debut. The 19-year-old Real Madrid player changed his number for this season. The Frenchman leaves the 25 that he wore in his first season as a Madridista and will wear the 16 on his back . That is the number with which the white club has registered him in LaLiga, although it still does not appear on the club’s official website nor can shirts with his new number be purchased in the Real Madrid online store. The change of number is not yet registered on the UEFA website. The numbers for the League are modifiable until the player plays a minute in the championship. The 16 is one of the numbers that have been released this summer. Last season it belonged to striker Luka Jovic, transferred to Fiorentina . The other three numbers that left the departures free were: Marcelo’s 12, which is for Odriozola (despite the fact that in the pre-season friendlies he has had 16); Bale’s 18, which was kept by Tchouameni; and Isco’s 22, which is for Rudiger. Camavinga will thus wear a number more in keeping with his position. 

The details

The midfielder had to wear number 25 last season, which is reserved for a goalkeeper in case the clubs register a third goalkeeper, because the rest of the numbers were all taken. In fact, for a few hours the club signed him up with a Castilla file to leave a free file, keeping open the hope that Mbappé could arrive at the last moment. It will be the first time in his still incipient professional career that Camavinga wears number 16. He has worn other close ones, such as 14 and 15, both in Rennes and in the French national teams. In the beginning of his stay in the Breton club he took another of those who were free of the 12 that Odriozola had stayed. His favorite number is number 10: it’s the one he had at Rennes when he signed for Madrid and the one he also wears with the French U-21 team . But that number, as long as Modric is still at Real Madrid, is untouchable…