Football NewsCamavinga, everything on a menu
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The situation 

A bad night… and everything uphill. Camavinga slipped when he least played and has gotten into trouble. Everything was blowing in his favor: Deschamps called him this break, the last one before the World Cup, which he translated as a sign that he had serious options to go to Qatar (until now he was in the dynamics of the U21; this has been his big jump with the older ones). He did not play against Austria, but he did against Denmark. And he came out very badly. The French press, almost in unison, called off their match of him, noting that he seemed out of place, erratic and nervous. They removed it at rest; disaster. And Deschamps gave him a slap on the wrist in the press room: “He has done things that I don’t want to see again . ” Touched. But not sunk. And now that? Camavinga has run out of the main deck: he has no games left with France and when they have given him the opportunity, he has left a very bitter taste in his mouth. So he only has one card left: break it in Madrid for the remaining two months. In total, 12 games. The ticket is between him, Guendouzi (headline with Marseille) and Fofana (antonym to Camavinga: precisely this break has come out). Ancelotti is giving him opportunities: he has played in the nine regular season games so far; four as a starter and five coming off the bench. He always plays and will continue to do so. So everything is in his hand;in showing Deschamps, from a distance, that this break has been a setback . A parenthesis.

With Pogba on the wire

If the Juventus star does not arrive, his options would grow a little more. And, the feelings around Paul are more pessimistic than optimistic. Firstly, for his health: he suffered a meniscus injury and, according to Allegri, he is expected back in January. So seeing him in November sounds like utopia. But he is officially not ruled out. Although then there is another topic: the ‘ Pogba-Gate ‘ . The great scandal of Les Bleus in recent months, with the midfielder drenched in a deluge of accusations for allegedly hiring a witch doctor to injure Mbappé .