Italian Serie A NewsCannavaro warns Juventus to be patient with new pressure Pirlo

Former Juventus star Cannavaro warns Juventus not to repeat a mistake to sack Andrea Pirlo after the recent struggle.


Juventus have fallen forth following a series of poor performances. They also suffered an early UEFA Champions League exit in the hands of Portuguese side, FC Porto.

Cannavaro believes parting with his former teammate would be a mistake. He said the decision would leave the Old Lady asking serious questions about their recruitment strategy.

Cannavaro, who is currently working with Guangzhou FC in Asia, said, “Calm down.”

“When Juve picked Andrea, he knew very well that he had no experience. Logically, he should have time to mature, even for his relationship with the team.

“There are still 30 points to play for and it’s right to leave this judgment pending,” the Italy World Cup winner explained.

“And he did good things, launching young players and managing a complicated dressing room with people who have won a lot. Sure, some things don’t work, he has made mistakes: he’s human. It’s a heritage that must be protected,” he added.

“After all, if Juve doesn’t confirm his position, what did they choose him to do last summer?

“They would be wrong twice if they take that decision now. And the blame can’t only be his if the players make mistakes on and off the pitch,” concluded.

On the other hand, Andrea Pirlo has revealed he was aware of Juventus president Andrea Agnelli’s meeting with Massimiliano Allegri.

“No, no stance,” Pirlo said.

“I was warned by the president himself about this meeting,” he revealed.

“They are friends. Apart from football, the friendship remains, it’s as if I were going to dinner with [Paolo] Maldini and the next day it would come out that he wanted me as Milan coach.

“In addition to football, there are also friendships, these are normal things,” he added.