Football NewsCarlo Ancelotti has a plan for Eden and Vinicius
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Carlo Ancelotti said that he has a plan for both players, Vinicius and Eden Hazard. As you may know, both players have the same position on the pitch.



Who will play in the starting line-up

Close sources to Carlo Ancelotti suggest that Italian coach is very much into Eden Hazard. First of all, Belgian player is a world-class star. Secondly, he could not show true face in Real Madrid. Eden signed a contract with Real Madrid back in 2019. In the summer of 2019, no one would predict the situation with Eden Hazard. He missed 70% of the games in the last two seasons. It happened due to an injury Eden Hazard got from Munier. His compatriot knocked his knee and Eden could not continue the game in November, 2019. Since the injury from Munier, Eden is not back to action with 100% fit legs and body. Everyone believes that Pintus can help Eden Hazard to get back in the best shape of his career. Eden Hazard was unstoppable in the Premier League and it’s believed that the Premier League is tougher than La Liga.


Vinicius and Eden can play together

Carlo Ancelotti may be ready to play both in the starting line-up. Vinicius Junior has definitely the best dribble skills in Madrid. His games against Liverpool in the ¼ finals of the Champions League says a lot. Brazilian youngsters are very fast but he needs someone who can teach him how to create moments in the pressure. When he is in the goalkeeper side, in most cases he can’t make a correct decision. That’s why Carlo believes that playing Eden alongside with Vinicius could make Brazilian young star mature more in the final moment. Watching Eden and Vinicius attacking together will be very interesting for everyone. Let’s see how Carlo Ancelotti forms the Real Madrid squad next season.