Spanish La Liga NewsCarlo Ancelotti is not sure about his future in Los Blancos
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Carlo Ancelotti gave a very interesting interview. He noted that he does not know whether his future in Los BLancos is in safe hands.


Future of the coach

“The future of Carlo Ancelotti? There is a nice saying that goes well for the case: the wind takes the chatter. And that’s right, I have a contract until June 30, 2024 and I would like to respect it” said Carletto, who also commented on the steps his son can take in the near future: “He’s finishing the UEFA Pro coaching course in Wales , he’ll finish in May, then he will be able to coach any type of team. It won’t be Basel, because they feel good here and we want to stay here. The day that he will want to start on his account, I think he will do it and also well ”.


Carlo is still cheering for AC Milan in CL

In this type of match the players are going to feel the pressure, they are going to be very motivated, so you don’t have to make motivational speeches. The speech that is going to be made is linked to the strategy of the match, trying to give clear and simple instructions to the players, so that they feel involved: it is also a way of taking a bit of the pressure that these matches inevitably put on you. My conversation with Maldini? It was above all a wish for Milan, of which I am a fan. Actually Milan-Naples will be a very balanced and very uncertain game. Would it be nice to meet in Istanbul? For Madrid yes, I think also for Milan, but everyone wants to get to Istanbul