Spanish La Liga NewsCarlo Ancelotti is very proud of the team
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Carlo Ancelotti was ironic when asked about the calendar and praised Camavinga. Regarding the tough attack on Vinicius, he smoothed out any rough edges: “Paulista has always been very correct, it was frustration”.


Opinion on the performance of the team

Ancelotti did not want to make firewood from the fallen tree. And that for many weeks he insisted that Vinicius had to be protected ; but tonight, after Paulista’s hard tackle, he threw a cape at the central defender: “She’s ugly, but Paulista has always been a very correct player. It was the frustration of the moment.” The coach also lavished praise on Camavinga (“I’m liking a lot; he’s surprising us all”), spoke about the renewal of Ceballos and ironized the calendar (Madrid will have to go to Mallorca in just 48 hours). “At least they haven’t played the game for us on Saturday night!” , He said.


Injuries and substitution of Toni Kroos

How are Militao and Benzema? How have you seen the game? “It has been good, the truth is that we are going through a good run. The first part was somewhat weaker, which I consider normal. But in the second the rival lowered the intensity and we took advantage of it. Regarding injuries, Militao’s seems more serious than Benzema’s. Karim’s thing seems lighter, but Militao… for sure he won’t play on Sunday”. Will Kroos and Modric continue to be ‘untouchable’ between now and June? “The ‘transition’ will continue as it is until the end of the season. I will continue giving more minutes to those behind them, but taking into account that Kroos and Modric are essential”.