Football NewsCarlos Soler still continues with his hand outstretched to Valencia
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The situation 

Soler ‘s market has cooled down in recent weeks. After Juventus, Altético and Barça knocked on his door , at the moment the Catalans have spent the money on Raphinha, in addition to the fact that De Jong does not want to leave the club at the moment , the rojiblancos have signed Witsel and in Italy they would prefer join Carlos for free next course. However, that option of leaving without leaving a euro in the coffers is not something that goes through the mind of the ’10’ Valencianista, who if he leaves wants to help the club of his life as much as possible. For this reason, he continues with his hand outstretched to the club. And it is that in Carlos’s plans there has always been the option of continuing in Valencia. Even when he received the calls from the greats of Europe, he was always clear that continuing was a very viable option . For this reason, Soler is still open to listening to the club if he proposed a renewal offer close to the counteroffer that his environment transferred to the entity in October. First to not go free next season and second to give Valencia a good position of strength and that if he left it would be an interesting offer for everyone. The problem is that Valencia still hasn’t reached the terms proposed by Carlos. In the club they are waiting for the market and in case an important offer arrives for him, but they already value the possibility that said interesting offer does not arrive and that they have to make a decision with Carlos.

The details

The path of renewing him under his conditions and waiting for the next market waiting for a better offer is on the table , although there is also the fear that this renewal implies an excessive cost in terms of salary, the following year that important offer will not be found and the entity cannot assume the salary signed with the footballer. However, the days go by, the offers do not arrive -and if they do, they will be towards the close of the market-, and neither does Valencia want Carlos to go free in 2023, nor would he like that to happen, although obviously that would extend his possibility of teams in which to land. But despite this, Carlos continues with his arm outstretched to the club, but at the moment the entity waits. Meanwhile, the ’10’ will travel to Switzerland on Friday.