Spanish La Liga NewsCarvajal knows that he has to be confident in the final of Copa
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The Real Madrid winger spoke about the Brazilian’s evolution and the way the referees treat him and in what form he reached the final.


Football legends

First of all, I send a very big hug to the family and close friends of Arsenio Iglesias, it is a great loss for the world of football. Nine years ago I won my first title with a Copa del Rey. I really wanted to return to this stage to win another Cup. Tomorrow calm down and try to continue doing the things that have brought us here”.


Reaching and playing in final

How did you get to the final?: “Every player, every athlete, has better and worse moments. At the level of confidence and play I feel quite good, plugged in. In the locker room we have quite a few players used to this type of game. I hope it will be an important key that can decide tomorrow’s game”. Madrid had not reached a Cup final for nine years. Why? At the beginning of the season we considered going for all the titles. The Cup was choking us. Is not easy. Many clubs are very excited and eager. We are in an important moment of the season, with a final tomorrow. We don’t see ourselves as favourites. Osasuna has earned on its own merits to be in a final. We saw how they endured with fewer regulars and one less player at the Camp Nou. He is going to be a very difficult rival”.