Football NewsCasemiro admits Marcus Rashford surprises him
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Brazilian midfielder Casemiro has admitted to being really surprised by Marcus Rashford since joining the Red Devils in the summer transfer window.


What did Casemiro say about Marcus Rashford?

The England international has scored in three consecutive games since the season resumed after the 2022 World Cup, helping the Red Devils progress in the League Cup and move to fourth place in the PL. Marcus Rashford is the club’s top scorer so far this season with 11 goals from 22 appearances, and has rebounded from a poor 2021-22 campaign to emerge as a key player for Ten Hag’s side. Brazilian defensive midfielder Casemiro, who joined Man Utd from Real Madrid last August, has praised Marcus’ dedication and even claimed he could be in the world’s top five if he maintains his recent form.

The five-time Champions League winner said he would be very honest with him. According to Casemiro, he was really surprised with the English player. In his mind, especially knowing the player off the field, he can tell them that if Marcus is doing well, he can be in the top five players in the world.

He says Marcus Rashford has an incredible way of hitting the ball, he has power, he’s fast, he plays very smart. Rashford was one of the players that really surprised him. Of course, when they play in another league, they already know the player, but when they are in the same club every day.

The defensive midfielder of the Red Devils added that what a spectacular player. He loves to play with it so much. Rashford gives them a lot of energy. Casemiro is happy to play with him and he is confident that if Marcus Rashford stays like that, with the conditions he has, he could easily be a top five player because he is exceptional.


What’s next for the Red Devils?

Marcus seemed to turn sour ahead of the Red Devils’ last outing at Wolves as the forward was taken down due to a misconduct but he came off the bench to score against the winner at Molineux. Marcus Rashford admitted to oversleeping after the game, while the Manchester United manager praised him for his reaction. Manchester United next face the Cherries on 3 January in another vital Premier League fixture as they continue to chase Champions League qualification.


The England striker joked on Twitter after coming off the bench to score against the winner in the Red Devils’ 1-0 win at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday.


How was everything?

Red Devils match winner Rashford joked on Twitter after he was chastised by the head coach for sleeping and missing a team meeting. Marcus was banished to the bench ahead of the Red Devil Premier League against Wolverhampton Wanderers but will come to pick up a winner, earning his side three points.

The Red Devils overtook the Spurs in fourth place as they entered the Champions League places for the first time of the season. The Manchester United head coach has said everyone has to stick to the rules so expect Rashford to make sure he’s awake again!


What will happen after that for Rashford?

Marcus Rashford has taken his impressive World Championship form back to the PL. The Englishman will want to add to his goal against Bournemouth on 3 January.