Football NewsCasemiro has named his football idols
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Brazilian football player Carlos Henrique Casimiro may be one of the best holding midfielders on the planet, but the player grew up idolizing playmakers such as Paul Scholes and Zidane.


How was everything?

Casemiro went on to cement his own position among the great and good of world football, with five Champions League victories that Real Madrid enjoyed before making a big transfer to the Red Devils in the summer of 2022. His particular skill set is now being put to good use at Old Trafford, with the Brazil international hoping he can continue to follow in the footsteps of those who inspired him to become a professional footballer.


What did Casemiro say?

The Brazilian defensive midfielder told the Red Devils’ official website when asked to pick up his youth heroes that he thinks they have a lot of idols when they’re kids, don’t they. According to Casemiro, they have players they would never have met. But now it’s his turn, in the sense that many young people are inspired by Man Utd players. But to be honest, he enjoyed watching Zinedine Zidane.

The Brazilian says he also loved watching Paul Scholes and talking about Man Utd, Paul, Ferdinand, what an incredible player! These are all the players who were winners. Ronaldo Fenomeno, Ronaldinho Gaucho… And talking about the players in his position, Claude Makelele, Mauro Silva, Gilberto Silva… When they are kids, they have a lot of idols and heroes, a lot of players they like and a lot of players who inspire them. So, according to Casemiro, maybe not everyone remembers them all, but for him they were just the top players in the world!


A little about Casemiro

The Brazilian player is currently looking to cement his legacy at the 2022 World Cup, with Brazil emerging as one of the favorites to capture the world title in Qatar.