Football NewsCasemiro remembers Madrid in his new professional project
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The situation 

The Brazilian soccer player has opened a shopping center in his hometown, São José dos Campos, where he remembers his stay in the capital and at Real Madrid. More than a decade after his arrival in Madrid from Brazil, Casemiro headed for Manchester to start a new sports project. However, the Spanish capital marked him so thoroughly that he took it to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to make it his watchword in his latest business At the end of 2022, the Madrid Open Mall opened its doors in the city of Urbanova, a neighborhood of São José dos Campos, the city from which the Manchester United midfielder comes. With the collaboration of two partners, Augusto Christ and Pedro Bacha, the footballer founded a store space with a surface area of ​​more than five thousand square meters and fifteen stores. “Directly from Spain, the Madrid Open Mall is a totally new space and specially made to offer a unique experience with various services, shops and restaurants located on the main avenue of one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city”, the place is presented. on your own website .

Events with Casemiro

The footballer, committed from the beginning to his business, as he already demonstrated by visiting the construction sites during the construction of the building, has taken advantage of the space to hold an event related to the Brazilian team or his sports career. For example, taking advantage of the World Cup in Qatar, they broadcast some Canarinha matches and exhibited some cult objects, such as jerseys or the World Cup.