Football NewsCasemiro – We have stay strong and keep a perfect run in La Liga
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Casemiro was the man of the match against Granada. The midfield was playing perfectly in the defense and he also scored a goal giving a big advantage to RM.


Happy because of the win

Journalists asked Casemiro a few questions after the game. Casemiro said that he is very happy with achieved results. Brazilian added that Real Madrid has a perfect run and the team can win every possible title. Casemiro noted that three points were very decisive at this point of the season as they link up with Atletico Madrid. The La Liga table is not crowded, so Real Madrid and Atletico have bigger chances than others. Still, Barcelona is climbing old form slowly and they reach the top step by step after a setback. 

We have a very important game in a week period. Casemiro said that one week is a break but they can’t just take a rest. Midfielder noted that one week period is very interesting to keep up with a good shape. The next game is played on 30th December, so the team has exactly seven days. They don’t have to lose the momentum and keep winning important matches.

Casemiro says that Zidane asks him to go into the box of opponent. Midfielder noted that Zidane is a fan of midfielders and he gives midfielders balance ratio. Casemiro said that he knows when to defend and when to go into the box for goal.

Few words from Courtois

Along with Casemiro, Courtois talked a little about yesterday’s game. Belgian player said that Real Madrid caught the perfect moment and the team has to keep up with good results. Courtois said that Granada played well in midfield and defense. Goalkeeper noted that Granada made the game very tough for Real Madrid. That’s why the team could not score in the first half.