Football NewsCasemiro – We have a long way in this league
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Casemiro was the key player in the match against Elche. Brazilian defender met with the journalists after the game and talked a little bit about the chances and league.


Team created many chances

Brazilian midfielder was confident Real played a better match than Elche. Case said that the team deserved three points but it’s football, everything happens especially in La LIga. Casemiro said that the team will keep improving every week and try to use every possible moment for scoring goals. Brazilian were not happy with the conversion rates of the moments. He said that there were many moments from Los Blancos and the team had to score second but they failed at it.

Elche’s defense was playing from deep

Casemiro said that Elche’s defense changed when they scored a goal. First of all, journalists asked him about the penalty and VAR decision. Casemiro noted that he is not a player who goes into the details of the VAR. He said that if there was no penalty, then it’s really bad. Secondly, Casemiro said that Elche’s defensive line changed after the equalizer penalty. Midfielder noted that Elche’s defense started playing from deep and also, the midfielders of the team became the defenders too. That’s why Real Madrid could not come into the game for around 10-15 minutes. Casemiro said that although defense was good, Real Madrid created three real chances to score a goal.