Football NewsChampions League round of 16 – Clashes of Champions
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We already know the clashes of the Champions League in the last 16. Just a few hours ago, Uefa announced the official dates for these matches.


Messi against Neymar

There are 8 very interesting matches in last 16 round of CL. Lionel Messi will face Neymar. Keep in mind that Lionel Messi already faced Cristiano Ronaldo in the group stage of the Champions League. Messi played well against Juventus but in the last game, Ronaldo scored two goals both from penalty spot. Now Messi has to face Neymar – his old friend. Don’t forget that Neymar already announced his possible reunion with Messi. Experts believe that Messi may join PSG next season and he will play along with Brazillian striker. 

PSG against Barcelona won’t be only interesting match in last 16. Real Madrid will face Atalanta – team that scored many goals this season. Italian club has a solid attacking line, so Ramos and Varane have to play on-top to survive this tie. Another Italian club, Lazio will play against BAyern Munich. Chelsea will face Atletico Madrid and Simeone is getting ready for this match.

Official dates

First tie of the last 16 will be played on 16,17, 23 and 24 February. Second tie will be played on 9,10,16 and 17 March of 2021. First match of the last 16 will be played on 16th February between Leipzig and Liverpool. Two popular German coaches will clash against each other and it will be an interesting performance. Last match of the last 16 will be played on 17th March between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid.