Change of management at Chelsea has led to a change in transfer targets

Change of management at Chelsea has led to a change in transfer targets

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01 Jul 2022
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The changes

The acquisition of Chelsea by American businessman Todd Bowley raised a lot of noise and even covered the indignation from the sale of Newcastle to the Arabs. And over the past week, important decision-makers in the club – Marina Granovskaya and Peter Cech – left the club. And although a new team has not yet been assembled, Chelsea are making moves to buy several players at once, with Thomas Tuchel apparently playing a big role in these transfers. But since there are too many rumors, it will be much easier to systematize them by going through each line separately. And yet, it is desirable to understand with what scheme the German specialist plans to start the next season – 4-2-3-1 or 3-4-3. For example, in January he said something like this: Chelsea can play both 5-3-2 and 4-4-2. We have our own style.” In fact, Tuchel requires flexibility from his players , which they have demonstrated many times, playing in different styles, depending on the requirements of a particular match. Chelsea are able to both park the bus and keep the score through sterile possession , and open buses through positional attacks. However, Rudiger (to Real Madrid) and Christensen (presumably to Barcelona) have already left the team as free agents, which left the defensive line in a catastrophic situation: Thiago Silva, Malang Sarr and Trevo Chalobah remained. The Brazilian veteran will be 38 in September, which is impressive in itself, but he also plays in the most intense and fastest league in the world, which makes Silva even more admired. However, such a big club cannot fully rely on a 38-year-old and two youngsters to keep Chelsea at bay for a whole season. Therefore , two scenarios are globally possible: buying two top central defenders who will play in pairs, or buying one / two central defenders to play in a trio with Thiago Silvaat the center of this trio. In terms of long-term development, it makes more sense to take two defenders at once and play them in pairs for future seasons, because this is obviously the last year for Thiago Silva at this level. Since last summer, insiders have been writing about Chelsea’s interest in Sevilla’s Jules Kunda, who has a release clause of around 65 million euros, which is not a problem for the English giant. However, now they are already actively writing about Tuchel’s interest in De Ligte (about 125 million euros) and Koulibaly (taking into account the last year under the contract, the transfer amount should not be more than 40-50 million euros). 

The details

Kunde’s transfer to Chelsea would make the most sense as he has the same strengths as Ruediger who left – moving the ball through dribbling, regular winging, good positional play. It is no longer necessary for a modern defender to have large dimensions, and Kunde simply does not have other significant disadvantages . Kunde could also play in the right center trio, freely making raids on the right flank and developing the team’s attacks. Suddenly there were rumors about the desire of Chelsea to buy De Ligt, who is also not averse to changing the club. True, the issue price is about 125 million euros, which looks like an illogical waste for such a defender. Of course, De Ligt is still very young and has the potential to develop, but he is definitely not one of the best defenders on the planet to spend that kind of money on him. Especially when the alternatives are no worse, and their price is several times less. Therefore , the transfer of De Ligt can not be trusted at all .


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