Football NewsChelsea is outraged by the refusal to early dismiss the striker
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Tuchel and Azpilicueta insisted that Mane should have been handed a straight red card for his opening challenge in the Chelsea Premier League 2-2 against Liverpool.


A little about the topic

The Chelsea skipper was elbowed in the face of the Red striker almost immediately after the whistle went off as the two jumped for a tall ball, but Sadio Mane got off with only a yellow card and subsequently hung the visitor opener at Stamford Bridge. Salah doubled the lead before Pulisic and Kovacic fought back to tie things into a draw that shattered both teams’ hopes of a title challenge against Man Utd.


What did Azpilicueta say?

After the in-person whistle, Cesar Azpilicueta said it was pure red. Cesar doesn’t mind if it’s five seconds in the game, it’s the first action and it’s pure red. He doesn’t see the ball, he just wants to dribble. Cesar Azpilicueta honestly doesn’t understand this. It was a blank red card. they make these decisions against them that can change the course of the game.

According to Azpilicueta, they do not see the sequence even in one game, and it is clear to him that such a decision is clear. Cesar watched the replay but didn’t need to. It was a clear red color. Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel agreed with his right-back, adding that he is not a friend of the early red cards. Hates to say this because Cesar loves Sadio and he’s a good guy and a better player, but it’s a red card. Elbow to face – it doesn’t matter if you do it in 20 seconds or 20 minutes.


Henderson was disappointed with a yellow card

Liverpool captain Henderson defended his team-mate, playing out speculations that the foul was intentional and even suggesting that the booking was too harsh for the striker. The England international after finishing the game said he was disappointed with a yellow card, to be honest. Mane will always try to win it. His eyes are always on the ball, he does not think that there was intent.