Chelsea Will Not be Able to Match the Spending Power of Roman Abramovich According to Arsene Wenger.

Chelsea Will Not be Able to Match the Spending Power of Roman Abramovich According to Arsene Wenger.

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10 Mar 2022
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Even if their new owners can’t match the spending power of Roman Abramovich, Arsene Wenger believes Chelsea will stay competitive.

Since Abramovich took over the club in 2003, Chelsea has had a lot of success, winning their first title in 2005 to dethrone Wenger’s Invincibles, and Arsenal hasn’t won a league since.

‘You cannot match Abramovich’s spending power,’ said Wenger when asked if Chelsea’s new owners would be able to match his spending power.

‘Today, it is impossible to put that money in privately. It’s only £200 million over three years, I believe. You may invest a billion dollars at that moment.’

‘Instead of putting £100 million in every year, I always recommended people who wanted to buy football clubs to put £500 million in the first year and buy the best players, and then they’d have a team.’

‘He was capable of doing so, and he did so admirably, and I believe the club is now well-managed and competitive.’

‘It is still viable as a football club today because they are performing at a high level,’ he continued.

‘After that, it’s all about money and making wise choices when you get in. Sometimes people make smart selections but don’t have enough money, and other times they have plenty of money but make poor choices. As a result, you must join the two.’

Chelsea has set a March 15 deadline for potential new owners to submit an offer.

New owners are more difficult to come in now, according to Wenger, than they were when Abramovich bought Chelsea.

‘I would argue he was the first significant investment [before] the Glazers came in, and it was a beautiful moment for a billionaire,’ he said. There was no such thing as financial fairness; you could put as much money into it as you wanted.

‘With the FFP, I wouldn’t necessarily advise someone to come in and compete against Manchester City, Chelsea, or Liverpool, who are lightyears ahead of them, to construct a successful club – because you can’t invest the money you want to invest.’

‘As a result, it’s a lot harder nowadays.’ But he arrived at the right time, and I give him credit for that.

‘He rapidly grasped what needed to be done, put capable individuals in charge who ran the club effectively, and elevated him to a new level.’ ‘I admire what he accomplished.’

Wenger has stated that a club’s value should be between 2 and 2.5 times its annual turnover.

‘It appears like 4-5 times is requested,’ Abramovich stated about Chelsea’s worth. I’m not sure why. Because Abramovich has stated that he is owed a significant sum of money.

‘Some believe he deposited over a billion into the accounts there and loaned the money to the club, so that will undoubtedly be factored into the price.’ Second, everyone with money wants to be in the Premier League these days, so it will be an intriguing narrative.’

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