Football NewsChris Smalling holds no grudge against Jose Mourinho
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Chris Smalling holds no grudge against Jose Mourinho and puts any past disagreements with the former Man Utd boss on one side amid a lot of Roma’s excitement.


It brought results

One of the most decorated coaches in world football finds himself back in Serie A after taking spells with Chelsea, Tottenham and United in the Premier League. During his time at Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho once questioned Chris Smalling’s willingness to play through pain when the England defender was ruled out due to injury – but the pair are pulling in the same direction since reuniting at Stadio Olimpico.

Chris Smalling, who made 100 appearances for United in two and a half years under Jose Mourinho, said of working with a familiar face that ultimately, if the manager didn’t talk about you and didn’t want you to play and push, that is, when you need to worry because he stopped caring about you, he doesn’t want you to participate, and he doesn’t want you to play. He is a born winner and loves to push everyone to their limits. This is what he has been doing throughout his career and it has paid off.


A little about Jose Mourinho

Jose was relieved of his duties at Spurs in April after failing to break their silver duck, but he has brought tangible success almost everywhere he has been and is determined to bring Roma back to the top spot. Mourinho led Inter to the historic ladder during a previous stay in Italy and is supported by Chris Smalling to succeed in Roma after completing a shocking return to management.

The 31-year-old center-half, who is approaching his third season with the Giallorossi, added at the appointment Jose, which was quite a surprise to many of them but an initial excitement from everyone. According to Chris, he knew that the media would create something about their relationship in the past, but from a personal point of view it is good because he played under it.

They won trophies together and Jose made him captain in one of those finals, the 2017 EFL Cup final as well, so having a chance to play for someone you know is good, was so successful and so determined to win any trophies. the price is positive.