Football NewsChristian Pulisic announces USMNT wants to change world’s attitude to American football
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American player Christian Pulisic says the USMNT wants to change how the world sees American football at the 2022 World Cup.


A little about the topic

Christian Pulisic has challenged his teammates to make a big impact in the World Cup so that other countries start seeing America as an elite force in football. They failed to qualify for the previous edition of the tournament in Russia and the blue player now wants to make amends by being successful in Qatar.


What did Christian Pulisic say?

The American offensive linebacker said maybe it wasn’t the best sport in the States and they want to change the way the world sees American football – that’s one of their goals. According to Christian Pulisic, they have not been on the level of some of these world leaders in recent decades, but they have had good teams with big hearts. Pulisic says they can take it the next step – a successful World Cup would make all the difference.

The American also discussed his current season in the Blues, which had a strong start under Potter but suffered a dip in form before the break, losing three consecutive matches in the PL. The new manager is already under pressure, but Christian backed him up to turn Chelsea’s fortunes around.

Christian Pulisic said he was good. Graham Potter came in and the way he worked with and interacted with the players was what impressed Pulisic the most. They got off to a great start with him. They’ve had some difficulties in recent weeks, but Christian thinks he’s working on it and he thinks the guys have taken him well enough. They are excited. According to the American, there will be good things to come.

What will happen after this for Christian Pulisic?

The US national team player has struggled for regular minutes at Graham Potter and has made just three Premier League starts in total for the Blues this season. Christian Pulisic will be in action against Wales in the USMNT World Cup opener on November 21st at the Al Rayyan Stadium.