Football NewsChristian Pulisic has an ambitious goal
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Pulisic has an ambitious goal of hitting double digits for goals and assists in 2021-22, and US team legend Friedel is looking forward to big things from his fellow countryman in Chelsea.


What did Friedel say about Christian Pulisic?

The highly regarded 22-year-old entered the third season at Stamford Bridge with his open-campaign tally, finding a goal in a 3-0 opening day win over London rivals Crystal Palace. Christian Pulisic will be eager to hit from here, hitting the grid just six times in 2020-21, and Brad Friedel believes that the man who now has Champions League and CONCACAF Nations League winners’ medals to his name could add a consistent end-product to your game.

Brad Friedel, speaking in the association, said about the goals of Christian Pulisic that it is difficult for any player to advance to the Premier League and then it is more difficult to advance to the Premier League from one of the higher sides in the league. There is a period that will always happen because football is very different from other countries that Pulisic has played in.

Brad thought Christian had a very good start to his Chelsea career and played very, very well for the USA over the summer. Now that Christian knows what to expect in England to the fullest, he’s a huge talent and Brad thinks double-digit goals and perhaps assists are within reach for him. With the amount of chances Chelsea creates, Brad expects Christian Pulisic to be a pretty important part of the Chelsea squad this season.


A little about the topic

Christian Pulisic recorded 11 goals – including a Premier League hat-trick – and seven assists during his Chelsea debut campaign in 2019-20, but those numbers dropped to six and four, respectively, in the last deadline. It now faces additional competition for seats from Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech, and it is possible that Werner could have used the term in a broader role, but positive additions are being made around it. Tuchel has poured £ 98m into Lukaku, with a proven nine on the Blues side, which is expected to help Christian Pulisic and Co’s efforts as they no longer have a center striker drifting into their space.