Football NewsChristophe Galtier says that when Lionel Messi smiles, the whole team smiles
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Paris Saint-Germain boss Christophe Galtier was touched by his star striker Lionel Messi.


What did Christophe Galtier say about Lionel Messi?

PSG manager Christophe Galtier praised star striker Lionel Messi after questioning what it was like to manage the Argentine icon on Thursday. A new head coach took over as Paris Saint-Germain manager this summer, replacing Lionel’s compatriot Mauricio Pochettino. The club’s new manager had a run for his money against Lionel Messi, taking charge of Nice last season, but now the player is getting to work alongside the former Barcelona star and is touched by the striker’s influence.

The boss of Paris Saint-Germain said that he couldn’t be surprised how good Lionel Messi is, because when a player has such a record, such a number of matches, such trophies, it’s because you are a very big professional. According to Christophe Galtier, Lionel Messi confirmed this right away for him. Messi does all the training, he is involved, he smiles, he exchanges with his partners, he is an inspiration to their players and the new manager loves to see him on the field every moment, say hello to him every day, because he is a role model.

Lionel won everything, he just missed the World Cup, but at club level he won everything. The Argentine has won individual awards, but he is not satisfied, far from it. The Paris Saint-Germain boss thinks he is happy and when Messi smiles, the team smiles. Christophe Galtier says Lionel Messi is loved and admired by his peers.


Lionel Messi activities in Paris Saint-Germain

The Argentine player joined Paris Saint-Germain ahead of the 2021-22 season, leaving Barcelona on a free transfer during the summer. Lionel Messi scored 11 goals in 34 games in all competitions in his first season with the club as Paris Saint-Germain once again ran for the Ligue 1 title. The star striker has met three times in two matches to start this season, recently scoring a coupler in the Paris Saint-Germain opener against Clermont Foote.