Italian Serie A NewsConte’s comments cast doubt on his future

Antonio Conte insists they should enjoy the Scudetto as he comments that God knows the future.


Conte guided the Serie A Giants back to glory to end over 10 years of Scudetto drought and Juventus dominance. However, his comment on his future at the club has been cast into doubt.

The former Chelsea coach was reluctant to clarify his comments, insisting he is focused on the present.

“I’m not here to talk about the future. I repeat that we must enjoy this Scudetto because we know how much we have worked and suffered for it. We remember the ending but behind it, there is a lot of hard work from everyone,” Conte insisted.

“In two years we have restored credibility to the club. We have to enjoy this moment from here until the end. Only God will know the future,” he comments on his future.

Besides, Conte reveals he was proud to see his players develop over the course of the season. He says Inter Milan investment in him has borne fruits.

“It was a job that brought a lot of profit, not only from a qualitative point of view but because so many players have valued themselves at the level of the transfer market. Their value is much higher than when I arrived, so the investment on me has borne fruit,” Conte said.

“The players expect from me that I will lead them to victory because this is my history. I bring expectations and these expectations have been achieved I think,” he added.

“In this group, there are still many players with great room for improvement too. They know what kind of path must be taken and what mentality is needed. Since we went top we have not given up anything and this is the right mentality. The thought of victory must enter the brain and become an obsession, a drug,” Conte explained.