Football NewsCoppa success won’t save Allegri from the Juve sack
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Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri finds himself in a precarious position despite securing Champions League qualification with two games to spare. Allegri had emphasized the importance of achieving this goal throughout the season, but the manner in which Juve secured their top-five finish has raised doubts about his future.

The Bianconeri’s lackluster performance in a 1-1 draw with relegated Salernitana at home was overshadowed by Atalanta’s victory over Roma, which inadvertently secured Juve’s qualification. However, Atalanta now poses a threat to Allegri’s job security as they face off in the Coppa Italia final on Wednesday.

Allegri, who has faced criticism for the team’s poor results and performances this season, believes he has performed well under challenging circumstances in Turin. With the spotlight on him heading into the final games of the season, Allegri’s future at Juventus remains uncertain despite meeting the club’s primary objective of Champions League qualification. Stay tuned for updates on this developing football news story.