Football NewsCourtois takes Madrid to Qatar
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The situation 

The Belgian goalkeeper will be accompanied at all times in Qatar by Davide Violati, a Real Madrid physio and a man he trusts completely. He has been with the white team for almost three years.The miracles of Thibaut Courtois in Madrid have been continued with Belgium and for this reason the goalkeeper has traveled to Qatar accompanied by one of his trusted physios in the white team, Davide Violati . The relationship between the two is very close and Courtois considers him one of the key pieces in having reached the best level of his career since he arrived at the Bernabéu. Violati’s relevance for Courtois at Madrid has grown so much that he has decided to also take him to Qatar with him. It is not usual nor is it particularly well seen by the federations for someone who is employed by a club to do the work of others who are their employees in this type of tournament , but very few, perhaps no one, know of the perfect machine that in right now it’s Courtois. In addition, with the weight acquired by the Real Madrid player in the national team (he is one of the stars and was already the best goalkeeper in the 2018 World Cup), the federation welcomes any decision he may make.

The details

Violati has been at Madrid for almost three years as a first-team physiotherapist and has excellent hands that have done a great job recovering injured or overloaded players. In addition, he is very loved by the locker room for his joy and his motivational character. Like Courtois, Kevin de Bruyne , another of the Belgian heavyweights, has traveled to Qatar with someone he trusts around him. In this case it is about Kenneth Staelens, the best friend of the Manchester City player, who will take charge of the social networks for the Belgian Football Association . Both he and Davide Violati boarded the plane to Qatar as two more members of the expedition led by the coach Roberto Martínez.