Football NewsCristiano Ronaldo feels young like a 30 year old
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Red Devils star Cristiano Ronaldo claims he feels young in his 30s and that the fight for longevity is more mental than physical.


A little about the topic

The 36-year-old Portuguese superstar has revealed what his goals are for how long he plans to play football professionally. Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Man Utd last summer, signing a contract until summer 2023, but it was unclear if this would be his last. However, the Red Devils star has insisted he plans to play for as long as his body can handle, aiming to last until the early 40s.


What did Cristiano Ronaldo say?

Cristiano Ronaldo said that he feels lucky to be the player who showed who, in his case, longevity was the deciding factor for him to continue playing at a high level, putting on good performances. According to Cristiano Ronaldo genetically he feels like he is 30 years old. Ronaldo takes great care of his body and mind. Something Ronaldo recently learned is that after 33, he believes the body can deliver if you need it, but the real battle is mental.

Going through a lot of things with a focus on the ultimate goal of staying at a high level is the hardest part and that’s what Ronaldo has been doing for the past few years. Cristiano worked and focused more on working on his mind. he knows his body will handle it because Ronaldo has a lot of respect for it and he listens to it a lot.

According to Cristiano Ronaldo, life should have important moments, for better or worse, but when you fall, you must have the strength to get up. The 36 year old is happy, he wants to stay here and see what happens. Ronaldo wants to know if he will play until 40, 41 or 42, but the most important thing is that his daily goal is to enjoy the moment.