Football NewsCristiano Ronaldo is getting criticized again from the former teammates
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Manchester United’s legendary player, Gary Neville said a few bad words about Cristiano Ronaldo. He said that Ronaldo is not the same anymore and he should give a place to other, young strikers.


A draw against Newcastle

Manchester City scored seven goals against Newcastle and that’s why Neville was furious. Manchester United could not even score two goals against Newcastle. Keep in mind that MU was down with one goal for the majority of the game. It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo was not feeling the game because he even got a yellow card for roughing. Gary Neville was furious after the match. He said that the team manager has to be clear with Cristiano Ronaldo. If he can’t run like young players and fight for every possible ball, then his place in the starting line-up is over. Gary Neville said that even Bruno Fernandes is whining about the conditions and he should be focusing on the game. The legendary defender noted that Fernandes and Ronaldo are used to whining and it’s not old Premier League anymore. He noted that Manchester United needs more confident players that dominate the pitch. He looked at the results of the City and said that Pep’s team is doing wonders. That’s why Manchester City scored 7 goals against Newcastle and MU could not score even two to win the match. MU got only one point after the match, so the new coach has to work on many aspects to get in the Champions League zone. 


Criticism towards Cristiano Ronaldo

Neville is not a first expert or legendary player criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo. At the same time, he is scoring as many goals as possible. Yes, the game against Newcastle was not good and he said that after the match. CR7 noted that the team could not impress because they were not feeling well. He also criticized his performance and noted that he would love to improve many aspects of the fitness condition.