Football NewsCristiano Ronaldo left without a team after leaving the Red Devils
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The captain of the Portugal national team is looking for a new team after leaving the Red Devils.


A little about the topic

After his explosive interview with Morgan, and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with Portugal, the player’s future is still undecided. There is information that Ronaldo will join Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr starting in January. They are still a favorite to sign hitter, though it’s not official yet. Despite his high demands, the Portuguese had many offers. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to continue at the highest level, so I’ve heard all sorts of niggles interested in signing him.

As if everything was close to being seen, it’s Messi and Ronaldo in the same league again. The Portuguese were very close to playing in Ligue 1, along with Kylian Mbappe, Lonel Messi and Neymar. Still, not Paris Saint-Germain, but the eternal rivals of the Parisians: Marseille. This was confirmed by the ambassador of the French club after winning the European Cup with them, scoring the only goal in the match against the Rossoneri.


What did Boli say about Cristiano Ronaldo?

French club ambassador and Marseille legend Basile Boli gave details that Ronaldo was in talks with Marseille, he thinks the Portuguese should have come. According to Basile Boli, Cristiano Ronaldo is a talented player, even if he is a bit old, he thinks he still has something to give in the French league. They saw what didn’t work out for Lionel in the first year, and then in the second year he proved himself to be number one.

This move could have happened as early as last summer, before the start of an abruptly ended season with the Red Devils. The President of Marseille never confirmed this. However, Basile’s statements confirm that the French club tried to sign him and came close to doing so. What Basile Boli didn’t say is if OM tried again this winter market when Cristiano Ronaldo is free and without a team.


Marius Niculae is one of those who criticize Cristiano Ronaldo

The new name took the jab from the Portuguese. Ex-Romania international Marius Niculae, who shared a dressing room with the Portugal star at CP Sporting during the 2002/03 season, has joined the wave of criticism leveled at Ronaldo following his disappointing World Cup tournament. Niculae gave a very optimistic answer despite only playing nine matches with Cristiano.

The former Romanian star said that Cristiano Ronaldo was not a social person. According to Marius Niculae, they always tried to get him to come to the table to eat with them, but he was always in his own world. Ronaldo went to the gym alone. Sometimes after practice they all went out to eat, but he never came. Marius also hinted at questions within the Portuguese camp.

The ex-player added that he thinks the group no longer accepted Cristiano Ronaldo. Pepe is the only one Ronaldo gets along with. Niculae saw a few photos, Fernandes avoided him a bit. Morgan’s interview just before the start of the World Cup and disagreements with coach Santos after his replacement against South Korea ended up costing Cristiano his place as Ramos.

He said that the statements that Ronaldo made in that interview with Morgan were decisive in his departure from Man Utd. Marius Niculae thinks Cristiano Ronald will choose Al-Nasr or America. Then, from what he read, he thinks that the Portuguese wants to go to the movies and Hollywood.