Football NewsCristiano Ronaldo thinks the site gave him less than he’s worth
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Cristiano Ronaldo thinks the website has given him a number well below what he thinks he’s worth.


What’s happened?

The Red Devils player has banned Transfermarkt’s IG account after accepting a rating question from the site. The site employs over 80 people and employs over 1,000 volunteers, all of whom evaluate information and research to come up with a number that they feel is worth the value of a player. In March 2020, however, the Portugal international took issue with Jorge Mendes XI, a team made up of players represented by a super agent, in which the Portuguese was given a €75 million valuation.

Explaining how the incident happened, the Transfermarkt Schwarz coordinator that he sent a message first to their social media guys. They answered him, explained why and said that people in their age group, he is definitely number one. It was a £30-50m difference between Cristiano and the next player on the list and then he sent some smiles and then blocked them.

Christian Schwarz actually misremembered the drawing that was posted, stating in an interview that it was a team of players aged 33 and over. Indeed, Cristiano’s teammate from Portugal Silva, also a client of Mendes, was valued above all – at €100m.


Ronaldo’s current value estimate

Transfermarkt currently values ​​Ronaldo at £31.5m, less than half of what the site quoted just under two years ago. However, Christian has made it clear that age plays a big role in deciding how much a player is worth. Christian Schwarz said that age is now one of the most important factors. And Ronaldo is old, the same with Messi, and they will decrease their value just because of age. According to Schwarz, even if they are as good as they were three years ago, they are three years older.


A little about Cristiano Ronaldo

The five-time Ballon d’Or Cristiano winner originally moved from Sporting CP to Man Utd in a £17m move after spending six years at Old Trafford in his first PL appearance. A move to Real Madrid was followed by €94m before the Portugal captain then moved to Juve for €100m. When Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Man Utd in 2021 at the age of 36, one year after the aforementioned Transfermarkt €75m schedule, the deal was worth an initial £13m with add-ons up to £7m.