Football NewsCristiano Ronaldo’s Stats Get Even Worse
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Cristiano Ronaldo is truly struggling in La Liga this season – and there’s yet another detail to feature how poor he has been.

While the four-time Ballon d’Or victor, and late champ of the FIFA Best Men’s Player award, has scored six goals in four Champions League games, he’s scored only once in the Spanish top flight and again looked out of shape against rivals Atletico Madrid in Saturday’s derby.

Barcelona’s midfielder Paulinho has scored three a greater number of goals than him, and inconceivably, through a user on Reddit, utilizing details from Who Scored, it’s developed that Ronaldo hasn’t made a single tackle or interception in 720 minutes of activity in La Liga.

Cristiano Ronaldo's performance this season has been woeful

Of each one of those to have played over 100 minutes this term, there are just six players in the alliance to have not made one tackle or interception – four being goalkeepers and the other outfielder being a player yet to be given a begin in the league.

Without a doubt, the Real No.7 isn’t required to run everywhere throughout the shop and flying into tackles as that is not his obligation or his method for playing.

In any case, it’s still completely maddening for a player of his kind to have neglected to win the ball back for his team. That is not all, however, as substantially more shockingly, Ronaldo hasn’t made an effective dribble or take on in La Liga.

Regardless of the possibility that he’s changed his style to end up noticeably to a greater extent a ‘moment player’, that is truly preposterous.

At the Wandra Metropolitano on Saturday evening, the 32-year old was again less than impressive, with one humiliating minute seeing Atleti right-back Juanfran outpace him.

In the first half, Ronaldo endeavored to get onto a tasty pass from Luka Modric but beaten to the ball by fullback Juanfran.

He may have had two or three yards head start, yet the Cristiano of a few years back would have effortlessly got to that through ball.