Football NewsCrucial Testimony – Alleged Victim’s Cousin in Dani Alves Case
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The testimony of the alleged victim’s cousin could prove crucial in the Dani Alves case


A little about the topic

Former Brazilian footballer Dani Alves finds himself in a complex legal situation, as he has been in custody since January, facing accusations of rape. The alleged incident occurred on the night of December 30-31 last year at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. Both Alves and the purported victim have given multiple testimonies since then.


New Testimony from the Cousin

Recently, a significant development in the case has emerged with the revelation of the testimony given by the alleged victim’s cousin. This testimony provides crucial insight into the emotional state of the purported victim. Notably, Dani Alves has been in prison for the past four months while awaiting trial, as his requests for bail have been consistently denied by the presiding judge.


The Fear of Reporting

According to the cousin of the complainant, the young woman was hesitant to report the assault. She explained that the alleged victim was afraid to expose a famous individual and believed that no one would believe her. The cousin’s account indicates the internal struggle the young woman faced in deciding whether to come forward with the incident.


Details of the Night

The cousin, who was present with the young woman that night, shared what unfolded after the purported rape in the nightclub’s bathrooms. Recounting the events, she revealed, “They were dancing. She told me that he was insistent on leaving, but he did not respond to her inquiries.

My cousin went with him voluntarily.” The cousin further added, “She believed they would have a conversation, so I encouraged her to settle the matter. I gestured to her. Dani returned first, and she had a distressed expression on her face. She told me that he had caused her significant harm, ejaculated inside her, and that she wanted to leave.”


Correspondence with Bruno

The cousin of the complainant also disclosed the messages exchanged between her and Bruno, a friend of Dani Alves, in the days following the incident. Bruno reached out, stating, “Let’s be friends. My house is located at… I’m not always here, but I’m available whenever you need me.” In response, the cousin of the complainant expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you very much, and the same to you. Happy New Year.”



The case against Dani Alves has become increasingly intricate, with the new testimony provided by the alleged victim’s cousin shedding light on the young woman’s fear of reporting the assault. These revelations add an important dimension to the ongoing investigation, further complicating the legal proceedings surrounding the former footballer.