Football NewsCurious case of Laporta, Barcelona and Ronald Koeman
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Rumors suggest that Barcelona is ready to hire Roberto Martinez. Who will be the new coach of Barca? As far as we know, Laporta is still in charge!


Critics of the coach from every person

Ronald Koeman is getting it from everywhere. It’s deserved from some, and not from others. At the moment, though, he’s in the right place and is allowing others to have more peace. Or to at least not suffer the attacks that the Wembley hero suffers every day. He is a protective shield, especially for those who go onto the pitch.

While this is going on, Barcelona keep on living in an unreal world that they had created years ago. They did so by spending money without any logic, as though they were the richest club on the planet. It didn’t matter – they even approached Neymar again this summer – and they did things that were far from what the numbers said they could do. If you have any doubt, look at recent leaks of possible targets. Or go a little deeper and look at the names that have been put out to create an invented reality. Lionel Messi’s exit was a reality check. It was hard, it was cruel, but it showed that Barcelona has very tough times ahead. He left a great legacy behind, but no money in their pockets. A year earlier, Barcelona could have been ‘saved’. But they wanted to continue living a lie.


Mistakes were made by Koeman

Koeman has made mistakes. Perhaps being Barcelona coach could have been great at one time, but from day one he has stood up for the club and his players, and now it’s clear that the club are not doing the same for him; they’re not helping him as much as they should. Joan Laporta has never trusted Koeman, and that was the coach’s mistake. Against all logic, he wanted to show that he was the right man for the job. The reality of the situation showed that the squad wasn’t the same as it was years ago. You can’t demand excellence if you don’t have it.