Football NewsDani Alves’ brother criticizes Joana Sanz after split
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Ney Alves Criticizes Joana Sanz on Social Media


A little about the topic

Ney Alves shared some of Rony Kbuloso’s words on his Instagram stories, which many have interpreted as an attack on Joana Sanz. Ney shared advice that seemed to be directed at her, warning not to expect consideration, recognition, or loyalty from anyone. He added that the same person who does great good can also bring someone down without mercy.

This message was posted shortly after model and businesswoman Joana Sanz announced on social media that she was entering a new phase of life without Dani Alves. She expressed gratitude for his support in the past, but also struggled to accept that he could cause her such pain.


Previous Messages from Ney Alves Against Joana Sanz

This isn’t the first time that Dani Alves’ brother has posted messages against Joana Sanz. In the past, Ney has shared sarcastic comments criticizing her for dancing at a party in Dubai. He pointed out that she was supposedly still mourning the loss of her mother and dealing with her husband’s arrest on rape charges.


Joana Sanz’s Response to Criticism

A month ago, Joana Sanz requested understanding from those who might disapprove of how she was handling her delicate situation. She asked not to be judged or punished for dancing or smiling, as it was her way of healing her wounds, which she believed her mother would have supported.

In her most recent message, Joana Sanz addressed Dani Alves, saying that she would always be there for him, but also that she loved herself more. This statement, however, did not appear to calm Ney Alves’ criticisms.