Football NewsDani Alves’ Dedication to Barcelona Anchored by Family Ties
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Dani Alves has expressed his commitment to staying with Barcelona, citing the fact that his children reside in the city as a key factor in his decision.


Dani Alves’ Commitment to Barcelona Strengthened by His Children’s Presence

Former footballer Dani Alves remains in custody in Barcelona as he faces trial for an alleged rape. His defense team has recently made a bail request, emphasizing the importance of his children in his decision to stay in the city.


The Influence of Alves’ Children

Alves’ legal representatives assert that his deep-rooted commitment to Barcelona is reinforced by the fact that his adolescent children are currently attending school there. They argue that this significant familial tie makes it highly improbable for Alves to consider fleeing.


Request for Bail

Dani Alves, previously associated with Barcelona as a star player, presented a renewed bail request on April 20. During this hearing, he offered an alternative account of the events that occurred at the ‘Sutton’ nightclub, asserting that the encounter was consensual. Furthermore, his legal team stated that he holds great concern for his family’s reputation, rendering it inconceivable for him to contemplate leaving Barcelona if granted release from custody.


Defense’s Perspective

The defense lawyers maintain that the risk of Alves evading prosecution by leaving the country is unfounded. They argue that the evidence available supports a strong defense, bolstering their confidence that Alves will actively participate in legal proceedings and protect his interests.


Alves’ Life Project

To counter the flight risk concerns, Alves’ legal team underscores his profound attachment to Barcelona, where he envisions a future for his family. In pursuit of providing his children with a university education, Alves has taken steps to enroll them in Spain, with his eldest son preparing to complete his final year of high school in the country.


Disputing Claims of Increased Flight Risk

Additionally, Alves’ lawyers challenge the assertions made by the private prosecution regarding an alleged increase in flight risk. They submit evidence to the Barcelona Court, including a screenshot of the footballer’s legal records, which do not reflect any divorce proceedings initiated by his wife, model Joana Sanz. This refutation aims to counter any perceived instability in Alves’ personal life that might suggest an inclination to abscond.



Dani Alves’ unwavering dedication to Barcelona is reinforced by his children’s presence and their educational pursuits in the city. His legal team asserts that he poses no flight risk, emphasizing his commitment to actively defending himself throughout the legal proceedings.